Researcher Groups


The Aachen IZKF offers an attractive funding possibility for amibitious scientists with outstanding achievements through its researcher groups: The researcher groups are assigned to an institute or department and independently work there. Each group has an annual budget of 200000 euros.

In 2012 four IZKF researcher groups have begun work. In 2014 and 2015 the f our groups were evaluated and will be further funded till 2018 with annually € 200,000 .

The heads of the groups possess excellent scentific qualifications, experience in acquiring external funding, and were selected by the IZKFchair as part of a public selection symposium:

Head of Research Group Research Focus in Collaboration with

Elisa Liehn

Cardiovascular Research IMCAR

Pavel Strnad

Inflammation and Consequences Internal Medicine III

Florent Haiss

Clinical Neurosciences Department of Ophthamalogy and Institute of Neuropathology

Ivan Gesteira Costa Filho

Bioinformatics IBMT – Chair of Cell Biology

You can find details about the work of the researcher groups in our Progress Reports. You can find the reports under Downloads.