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Uniklinik RWTH Aachen meets NASA

TANDEMplusMED Initiates Collaboration with Johnson Space Center in the USA

Dr. Bergita Ganse, space physician, medical specialist for physiology, as well as emergency and sports physician in the Department of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, was able to establish contact with NASA in the framework of the mentoring program TANDEMplusMED. At a meeting in Paris, the foundation for collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine and NASA has now been laid.

For further information please see the UK Aachen press release (de)


A Good Opportunity for TANDEM-Participants:

All current TANDEMmed participants can now take advantage of the training opportunities offered by the RWTH Aachen Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS).

Further information can be found on the CDS website.


Just Published: Practical Handbook “Mentoring in the Sciences”

The practical handbook “Mentoring in the Sciences” serves as a guide through the multitude of mentoring programs and approaches that have gained in significance in the sciences as of late.

It explains the origins of mentoring programs, the contents, objectives and benefits of separate program modules for different target groups and program participants as well as for the various institutions.

Furthermore, different program formats are being placed in the context of subject-specific, local or nationwide particularities and groups while also putting mentoring in the context of organizational and human resources development.

The editors of the handbook are mentoring experts at various universities located in North Rhine-Westphalia. One of these experts happens to be Dr. Henrike Wolf, who is the director of the TANDEM mentoring programs at the Faculty of Medicine. All involved editors have also acted as authors.

Valuable practical advice for everyone who is interested in gender-sensitive mechanisms in the areas of human resources development and the promotion of junior talent. Available now at VS Publishing.


The New Career Portal

The Career Portal has now been active since the beginning of 2017. This is where the mentees of the TANDEM-programs at the Faculty of Medicine are availabe to access L2P.

L2P is the central web-based teaching and learning platform at RWTH Aachen and it now also makes life easier for the participants of the TANDEM programs.

With the help of the online courseroom, the mentees of the TANDEMmed, TANDEMpeerMED and the TANDEMplusMED programs can now better communicate with each other, see or share important information and view and make accessible course materials.

No important deadlines will be missed anymore since they are all marked in the career portal calendar.

In order to log in to L2P, you need your TIM log in and password. You will receive these when your access to the RWTH networks is activated under:

After accomplishing this step, you can always log in to the platform again at a later time:

To receive access to the TANDEM program data, you will need to receive an invitation by mail from the “managers” of the program.

Fo this please contact:
Student Staff
Tel: +49 241 80-89692



+49 241 80 85500