The doctoral office does not have an open door policy. Doctoral candidates are requested to contact the doctoral officer for their respective institute or department.




*** GWP-Veranstaltungen ***


The Faculty of Medicine has the authority to award doctoral degrees.

By completing a doctorate, candidates demonstrate their ability to perform original, independent research. As part of the doctorate, the candidate writes a dissertation which provides a distinct contribution to knowledge in the candidate's principal field of study. Moreover, he or she has to prove her expertise in an oral exam.

The degrees awarded by the faculty are doctor of medicine, Dr. med. for short, doctor of dentistry, Dr. med. dent. for short, and doctor of theoretical medicine or Dr. rer. medic.

The entire process leading to a doctorate is defined in the doctoral regulations. On February 18, 2016, the 5th amended version of the doctoral regulations dated January 8, 2008, came into effect.

The Doctorate Board of the Faculty of Medicine is responsible for ensuring that standard procedures required for the doctorate degree are correctly carried out.

If you have any questions concerning doctoral studies, please get in touch with our staff at the Doctorate Office.