Clinician Scientist



Astrid Rose

Managing Director of the Faculty of Medicine and Head of the Research Division


+49 241 80 88667



Application Deadline

Current application deadline for all funding lines:
Friday, June 1, 2018


The Faculty of Medicine's Clinician Scientist Program gives doctors the space and time to do research during their residency, offering them the possibility to conduct further scientific work and complete a habilitation.

The funding exempts the doctors from their clinical work so they can instead dedicate themselves to research.

The program is generally open to doctors beginning their second year of residency.

The scope and duration of this research depends on the funding line. The research time is spent in the doctor's own clinic, with the exception of the Full Research funding line.

The program encompasses four funding lines:

  1. Starter
  2. Full Researcher
  3. Foreign Returnees
  4. Advanced

Applicants can decide for which funding line they would like to apply. It is also possible to apply for multiple, consecutive funding lines.

Additionally, it is possible to apply for funding from the Faculty of Medicine START program within the framework of the Starter and Full Researcher funding lines.