Graphic of objectives

The Faculty of Medicine has defined clear objectives in research and teaching. It regularly conducts strategy workshops to attain these objectives.


The faculty currently pursues three focuses, which are funded by large joint projects of external funding providers. They include

  • Medicine and Technology
  • Clinical Neurosciences
  • Inflammation and Consequences

The faculty has also defined two areas of development, where it sees particular potential, since they deal with widely-spreak disease profiles. These are

  • Cardiovascular Degeneration and Regeneration
  • Oncology

Additional Information About Research


The flagship of the teaching at the faculty is the Aachen Model Course of Study in Medicine, which was introduced for all new students in the 2003/2004 winter semester. It is characterized by the reorganizing of lesson units and content, creating organ-centered and non subject-centered teaching and learning.

The faculty also offers other courses of study, which to a large extent also have this model structure:

  • Dentistry
  • Logopedics (B. Sc.)
  • Teaching and Research Logopedics (M. Sc.)
  • Biomedical Engineering (M. Sc.)

Additional Information About Teaching in the Faculty of Medicine