Clinical Neurosciences


Questions about the physiology and pathophysiology of neuron connectivity are at the focus of clinical neurosciences.

Investigations on the molecular and celluar level into mechanisms of neuron vulnerability and axonopathies are combined with an illustration of regional activation patterns and network activities. This complementary approach promises valuable new realizations about the understanding of and therapy for neurodegenerative and affective illnesses.

36 departments and institutes are organized within this focus.

The clinical neurosciences have found a strong research partner in FZ Jülich, with whom the goals listed above are pursued within the framework of JARA-Brain and JARA institutes.

An important goal for the upcoming years is linkage between imaging and molecular neurosciences and the establishment of a collaborative research area on the topic "Physiology and Pathophysiology of Neuron Connectivity."

The focus is linked to RWTH Aachen's profile areas through its medical technical interests, its involvement with the HumTec Project House, and through computational neurobiology.