Measure 1.1: Strengthening the Natural Sciences

  Two biologists in the lab holding plants Copyright: Peter Winandy  

The goal of the sub-measure "Strengthening the Natural Sciences" was to further develop and raise the profile of the natural sciences as one of the core competencies of RWTH. This was undertaken in order to achieve a leading position both nationally and internationally and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration with the engineering fields. As a result, the push-pull effects between the natural sciences and engineering were intensified.

For selected, promising research areas, special funding opportunities were offered, including funds and support for the recruitment of excellent researchers. These led to new innovative ideas and excellent basic research projects.

As part of the Institutional Strategy II, the implementation of these goals took place by means of various instruments:

  • The Dean's Seed Fund provided support for promising new projects to generate and develop new ideas and approaches in research. This instrument continues to be used by the Faculty and now also includes infrastrucutre support; it is now self-funded.
  • Distinguished Professorships were established to support high-profile senior researchers in research;
  • The Undergraduate Funds made possible the involvement of students in research projects at a very early stage in their academic career

As part of the Institutional Strategy I, Junior Professorships were created, more than half were offered as permanent professorships. This instrument continues to be used by the Faculty, drawing on other means of funding.