Medicine and Technology


The focus Medicine and Technology is part of the Faculty of Medicine's founding mission. Approximately 50 departments and institutes are part of this focus.

Collaboration with the engineering sciences has opened up a new perspective to the Faculty of Medicine in Aachen that is unique throughout Germany. The resulting advantages and synergies must be used even more strongly in the future.

The focus also orients itself towards topics in the medicine and technology profile area that were worked on for the Excellence Initiative: Smart Medical Systems, Bioengineering, Imaging, and "Human-Technology Interactions“.

Biohybrid Systems was granted its own building. Biohybrid Systems as a topic is a cross-sectional topic that is well-suited to serve as the foundation for requested joint funding.

The focus Imaging takes into account that advancements in biomedical research often touch upon advances in imaging. Insofar, the area Imaging has a particular character, as it is both a research field and an enabling technology.

The area Human-Technology Interaction encompasses all questions about risk evaluation, technology assessment, and the relationships between humans and medical devices.