Concept and Goal


Primary Learning Goals of the Aachen Model Course of Study in Medicine


... of the Aachen Course of Study in Medicine

The primary education goal of the Aachen model course of study in medicine is an academically educated doctor, who is able to continue to learn. For this reason, focus in all components is placed on teaching an understanding of biological and medically relevant principles and not teaching details about construction, function, and pathogenesis.

Students in the Aachen model course of study in medicine are scientifically taught and become familiar with medical problem solving. The education is shaped in such a way so that students do not primarily accumulate factual knowledge with a short half-life, but rather learn to understand organs and organ systems in their construction, function, and pathogenetic principles. We expect students to effectively build diagnostic and therapeutic decisions off of this grounded foundation of knowledge.

Graduates from the Aachen model course of study in medicine are capable of adequately applying the acquired fundamental medical knowledge in theory and practice to the basic care of patients. They will have acquired a responsible medical perspective, where the mental-emotional well-being of patients and their social situation underlies how they treat patients.


Class Cohort Coordinators

Students in the Aachen model course of study in medicine are mentored in each component by full-time class cohort coordinators. Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Academic advising and mentoring for students in the respective class cohort in all problems that have to do with lectures, content, performance, and lecturers for the corresponding academic year
  • Organization of courses and classrooms for the respective class cohort
  • Further development of the curriculum
  • Coordination of content for different interdisciplinary courses
  • Coordination of content and timing of contributions from lecturers of different subjects
  • Controlling that all courses have taken place with the planned content and that no unplanned holes appear in the course material
  • Planning course exams together with course instructors
  • Improvement of lesson plans and lesson content for the next year