Student Applications and Forms


Please note that the applications pertaining to the degree program Business Administration and Engineering (B.Sc.): Civil Engineering are not to be sent the Faculty of Civil Engineering's Examination Board, but rather to the School of Business and Economic's Examination Boards. Some of the forms below cannot be used in this case, please contact Dipl.-Kff Theresa Otten.

General Applicaton to the Examination Board

Examination Board Application Concerning Examinations

Application for Postponement of the Pre-Internship

Application for Accredidation of Examination Results

Application Request for a Change of Specialization

Accreditation of a Language Course in place of an Academic Skills Course (M.Sc. WirtIng)

Application of Recognition / Registration MOOC (Sustainable Management - Water and Energy)

Environmental Engineering Seminar Paper Grade Notification

Elective Registration

Control Sheet Course Recognition

Application for Accreditation of Examination Results from Temporary Stays Abroad

Supplement to the Application for Master's Degree Program

Change of examination regulations

Application to change to BPO 19 MoVe (german)

Application to change to MPO 19 MoVe (german)

Application to change to BPO 19 UIW (german)

Application to change to MPO 19 UIW (german)