Paradigm Preparation


For the neuropsychological research we provide a fully equipped stimuli presentation workstation (with Presentation® software, HD monitor, speakers, fMRI compatible keyboards, etc.) which permits to test fMRI paradigm or even run behavioral measurements in an acoustically and visually shielded environment.

Dipl.-Inf. Dimitri Buchner provides support for Presentation®, ePrime, Matlab; he counsults about license problems, computer configuration. Regular Presentation courses are also provided .

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Project-Presentation: Neuroimaging Colloquium


All new MRI studies have to be presented before first MRI measurement. Presentations can be performed at Neuroimaging colloquium, a fortnightly meeting for neuroimaging scientist.

BIF organizes this event, in collaboration with its advisory board, to permit users or guest to present new studies or relevant lectures about neuroimaging. All neuroimaging scientists, unregardless of affiliation are invited.

This meeting represents a unique opportunity to share ideas, projects, skills and expertise in Aachen University hospital, to create a multidisciplinary neuroimaging community in order to increase internal collaboration and competitiveness. Before this event, researchers presented studies inside their research groups.

Neuroimaging colloquium takes place fortnightly on Thursday at 12:30.

Application form for MRI Measurements


In order to start your measurements, included pilots, you need:

  1. ethical commission approval
  2. to present your study during Neuroimaging colloquium
  3. to submit the "fMRI registration form" (Messzeitantrag). In this case you have 2 possibilities:

MRI M​easurements

Responsible: . MRI Messungen mit einer MTRA der BIF

Responsible for MRI equipment:

Responsible for Presentation device:

Data Conversion and Transfer to BIF Servers


Quality Assessment

Responsible: , ,

Physiological Data Acquisition


Real-time fMRI and Neurofeedback support


Database of raw data available for users



Long term data storage (10 years)


Computer-Accounts and automatic back up

Responsible: , und

Preparation and presentation of results:
Neuroimaging colloquium