Researcher Groups


The IZKF offers an attractive funding possibility for ambitious scientists with outstanding achievements through its research groups: The research groups are assigned to an institute or department and independently work there. Each group has an annual budget of 200.000 euros.

The heads of the groups possess excellent scientific qualifications, experience in acquiring external funding. They have been selected by the IZKF chair after an internal and external reviewing on the basis of their scientific excellence, strategic fitting accuracy and their potential to strengthen the faculty´s research focus areas.

On 1st of January 2019 three IZKF research groups have begun work:

Head of
Research Group
Research Group Research Focus in Collaboration with

Jacopo Di Russo

Retinal Epithelium Mechanobiology and Disease Research Group “REMeD”
Medical Technology & Digital Life Sciences Institut für Anatomie

Emiel van der Vorst

Immune-Lipid Crosstalk Research Group

Organ Crosstalk

Institut für Molekulare Herz-Kreislauf-Forschung
Barbara Namer Different functional roles of nociceptor subclasses in human: from nociceptor to behaviour

Translational Neurosciences

Institut für Physiologie

You can find details about the work of the researcher groups in our Progress Reports. You can find the reports under Downloads.