Trial Assistance/Site Management



Marc Dohmen

Deputy Coordinating Executive Officer


+49 241 80 37714



We support the construction of decentralized trial centers in individual departments and areas. We also support existing trial centers in all matters regarding the planning, coordination, and quality management of clinical studies.

The CTC-A developed the flying study nurse concept for need-based customer support. The CTC-A offers the centers the so-called flying study nurses at a cost, if a center does not have its own study nurse or only has inexperienced personnel.

In the latter case, the CTC-A contributes to the futher development of the centers, by having an experienced study nurse from the CTC-A lead and support the study personnel so that they can work independently.

Goals of Site Management:

  • Guidance and improvement of practical study execution
  • Easing the centers' burden
  • Practical realization of a research project