Center for Translational Research


Medical advancement is increasingly depending on recent developments in the fields of engineering and natural science. Hence, the profile area science & technology of the RWTH Aachen University aims the generation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches by actively crosslinking these disciplines.

In 2016, a new division has been established called the Center for Translational Research. It operates under the umbrella of the CTC-A, and helps scientists at the RWTH Aachen University to transfer novel developments into clinical application in Aachen.

To achieve this goal, the scientists are supported to overcome critical points within the development process of their products, ranging from pre-clinical evaluation up to clinical phase-I and “first in patient” trials.

This is carried out in tight cooperation with the Institute for Laboratory Animal Science (VTK) and the Department of Medical Informatics (IMI) at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen.


Translationszentrum des CTC-A
MTI 2, Wendlingweg 2
52074 Aachen