Internet-Based Study Management Tool



Jan Wienströer

IT Manager, computer scientist (IMI)



In collaboration with the Institute of Medical Informatics at the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine, the CTC-A developed an internet-based study management tool with integrated full cost calculation and an automated invoicing tool.

The study management tool is a central database to support with the direction, administration, communication, and billing of clinical studies. Administratively relevant data are collected and can be accessed in real time via numerous report functions.

As umbrella organization for clinical research, it is thus possible for the CTC-A to supervise and direct to implement the ethical and legal requirements and to immediately provide project partners, ethics, committees, and agencies with status reports.

The researchers involved are granted access to the study management tool based a defined rights-role system and can manage, view, and direct their research projects and use the system as a communication and information platform.

The system meets all of the data protection requirements in accordance with BSI Grundschutz.

Access to the Study Management Tool.

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