Continued Education: Study Nurse Akademy


Job Profile of a Study Nurse

A study nurse works at the test center with study doctors to enusre that studies are smoothly conducted. They are the contact person for all individuals involved with the study. Responsibilities including recruitment, documentation, and supervising patients during the study and during aftercare, the organization and coordination of diagnostics, labs, sample shipments, study medications, and site visits.

An important responsibility is collecting and documenting all data relevant to the study. A study nurse works together closely with the study doctors and monitor. The study nurse is also reponsible for preparing and accompanying audits and/or inspections by authorities. These contribute to the quality assurance of the study and test center.

Study Nurse: A Career with a Future

Individuals interested in a career as study nurse should possess excellent communication skills, be independent and team-oriented and have a sense for structure and detailed work, since a study nurse coordinates all of the individuals involved in the study. Additionally, prospective study nurses should possess the ability to quickly grasp tasks and concepts and have an interest in working in new task fields.


You will be qualified to independently complete the investigative tasks within a clinical study as delegated by the investigator. You will also be able to optimize the study process with the help of project management and quality assurance instruments.

Target Group

The continued education offer is primarily targeted towards individuals, who work in the medical or nursing field and to study assistants with initial professional experience. Familiarity with standard software (word processing and table calculation) and English skills are required.

Why Become A Study Nurse ?

The number of approved medications and medical products consistently grows every year – the requirements for the conditions of approval, implementation, and evaluation are simultaneously growing. As a result the need for well trained personnel to implement clinical trials is also growing. There is also a particularly high interest in the quality of data and protecting study participants. Many unexpected problems can occur in everyday clinical life, which can greatly influence the result of a clinical investigation if there is not an adequate reaction. Thus, study nurses are continuously holding a more important position within a study team during clinical studies. In order to a be a study nurse, however, individuals must have specific knowledge of the framework conditions and special knowledge in the respective field of indication.


We use modern pedagogical methods and practical exercises to teach you the most important content. The continued education program offers a balanced mix of information-oriented lectures from skilled lecturers and active group and independent work. Participants develop a study protocol themselves and plan how to implement the study or monitor a sample study. By doing so they gather their own experiences for common problem areas and learn approaches to solve these problems.


After successful participation (attending 3 in-person blocks, 2-weeks of shadowing with a report, a paper, and final exam), you will receive a certificate.



If you wish to attend the Study Nurse Academy, you can find the dates in the registration form attached below.