CTC-A Mission Statement


The CTC-A aims to work as a successful and customer-oriented internal service institution.

We distinguish ourselves in competition through our professionalism; speed; unbureaucratic and lean structures; a broad spectrum of know-how; and efficient, established, quality-ensured processes for planning, conducting, and evaluating clinical trials.

We ensure the CTC-A's existence and future by upholding the following principles:

  1. Attaining our financial goal, to regularly be able to refinance the CTC-A operating unit is our chief priority.
  2. Whoever wishes to attain their financial goals, must excel at fulfilling the specific demands of their stakeholders.
  3. Whoever excels at fulfilling the demands of their stakeholders, needs competitive services.
  4. Whoever wishes to realize competitive services, needs high-performance potential (employees, infrastructure, organization).