Responsibilities and Services


The requirements for clinical studies, which are legally regulated, are complex and extensive and require dedicated time for administrative and coordinative handling.

The CTC-A serves as a central point of contact for involved project partners in the self-initiated research of the interdisciplinary and multi-professional project teams. It is also the contact for external offices such as ethics committees, agencies, and finaciers.

All relevant aspects of clinical examination are identified, recorded, and prepared for a successful approval processes among ethics committies and agencies within a timely fashion in accordance with the AMG, MPG, or BOÄ. The CTC-A ensures that there is appropriate, overarching communication between all the involved institutions and partners.

Support for researchers in individual and needs-based. All services with costs are available individually.

Basic Services – free up to 54 hours Services – for a fee*
Full cost calculation (Industry and IIT) Creation of a study protocol
Contract review Requests for insurance
Entry into the register of clinical trials
Proposals to ethics committees and agencies
Support with funding proposals Project management
General clinical trial advising Integrative management & correspondence
Budget management Monitoring/Audit
Creation of documents
Creation of annual reports
Management of unwanted events
Flying Study Nurse
Data management