Audiovisual Media Center (AVMZ)


Teaching, research, and continued and advanced education can't avoid the use of media nowadays. The RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine's Audiovisual Media Center of AVMZ supports this areas with comprehensive offers.


Media Productions

There are a number of different types of media productions that are developed in the AVMZ. The related (didactic) possibilities for application also greatly vary. The palette of possibilities encompasses different media productions with degrees of complexity and offers for different target groups and areas of application. This includes:

  • classic, navigable, interactive video productions
  • audio productions
  • learning applications (multimedial, interactive, mobile)
  • eBooks / iBooks
  • apps
  • serious games (e.g. movement and game-based trainings)

Interdisciplinary Media Projects (E-Learning and Blended Learning)

Together with its collaborative partners in departments and insitutes, the AVMZ conducts media projects, that are developed and implemented on the basis of e-learning and blended learning concepts. The goals are:

  • advising on media implementation and media didactics
  • integration of future-oriented technologies
  • development of media-didactic innovations
  • collaboration in research work / teaching research for the development of integrated teaching and learning concepts

Promoting Media Skills

AVMZ's offers for promoting media skills encompasses the following

  • Courses within the framework of the qualification profile "New Media, Communication, Didactics in Medicine"
  • Advanced education courses for teachers, academic and non-academic staff members, and individual project-related advising for promoting media skills

Technical Media Support and Service

The AVMZ offers assistance with many questions and problems that occur daily when working with media, with media preparations for conferences, and with conducting events with media technology. Below is an overview of the AVMZ's spectrum of services:

Distribution of Teaching and Learning Media

Teaching and learning media are provided to students and teachers through the following:

  • emedia skills lab: The Faculty of Medicine's teaching and learning platform allows for the use of media either for independent study or as a resource for teachers.
  • sam: The semantic network provide support in the search for teaching and learning media (in construction).


The AVMZ and its collaborative partners have received the following awards for the development and implementation of media projects and the resulting innovations and reshaping of teaching on the basis of blended learning concepts:

  • 2012 GMA Award for Young Teachers (1st place):
    "The SkillsApp for the Skills Lab" awarded to the AIXTRA and AVMZ collaborative project team
  • 2011 RWTH Teaching Award (1st place):
    "emedia-skills-Lab Neurology", awarded to the Department of Neurology, Department of Neurosurgery, and ANMZ collaborative project team
  • 2012 RWTH Teaching Award (1st place), 2011 GMA Award for Young Teachers (1st place), and 2011 Dental Education Award (2nd place):
    "Method Diversity in Total Prosthetics - Possibilities for Curricular Changes for a Clinically Oriented Pre-Clinical Course" award to Dr. med. dent. Nicole Rafai. The emedia skills lab Zahnmedizin forms the media foundation for this blended learning project - a collaborative project between Dental Prosthetics and the AVMZ.

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