Event Technology


Welcome to the Department of Event Technology's webpages.

Here you can find information about our services, our technical equipment, and how to reach us.


Our Services

The Department of Event Technology offers a variety of services to optimally plan, support, and conduct classes, workshops, and conferences in the UKA lecture halls and classrooms.

Our services include:

  • technical planning of an event
  • technical support before and during an event (computer, audio, visual)
  • contact person in the event of technical difficulties during an event
  • loan, preparation, set up, and operation of techical equipment such as a projector, laptop, or camera
  • loan and set up of signs indicating where the event rooms are
  • provision of additional folding tables for events in hallways in front of the lecture halls or in the foyer
  • loan of partition walls including instruction on how to set them up
  • audio recording of your lecture/event
  • creating of a podcast of your lecture/event


Podcast creation is a new service offered by the Department of Event Technology.

Your lecture/event is recorded as a video, cut, and prepared with chapter jump labels. You have two possibilities for publishing the material online: either on the iTunesU platform without password protection, whereby a larger audience can be addressed, or alternatively, password protected in the eMedia Skills Lab media portal in the area Vorlesungen/Podcasts.

You can find additional information about podcast service in the PDF documents available for download.