2. Full Researcher


This funding line exempts individuals 100 percent from their clinical work for a maximum of two years so that the funded individual can fully focus on research.

This period must be spent at a research institution outside of one's own department. Participants are free to choose the institution; a maximum of two positions are available each year explicitly for research stays at the University of Maastricht.

In some exceptions, stays abroad are permitted if neither a DFG fellowship for abroad nor other funding could be acquired for understandable reasons.

If an individual is funded, they are required to take a seminar offered by the Center for Professional Leadership, CPL for short, of RWTH Aachen University.

Participants are also required to submit a request for DFG material funding (or something comparable) during the duration of the funding.

Application Requirements - Documents - Requirements

Application Requirements

  • Submission of one's own project proposal
  • Doctorate
  • One's own publications (at least 1 first authorship in a journal in the top 25 percent of a subject and 1 to 2 co-authorships)

Documents (electronic and printed)

Requirements if funded: