3. Foreign Returnees


This funding line is only an option if applicants have previously conducted a research visit abroad or at a renowned institution outside of the Faculty's, RWTH's, or FZ Jülich's own institutional research structures and are now returning to the Faculty.

It is not important how this stay abroad was funded. It is also not necessary to have previously received funding as a Full Researcher.

The funding line exempts the individual from either 100 percent of practical work for six months or 50 percent for twelve months. During this time, funded individuals are once again back at a department within the Faculty.

If an individual is funded, they are required to take a seminar offered by the Center for Professional Leadership, CPL for short, of RWTH Aachen University.

Participants are also required to submit a request for DFG material funding (or something comparable) during the duration of the funding.

Application Requirements - Documents - Requirements

Application Requirements

  • Current research stay abroad
  • Brief concept including current research results/methods skills from abroad and a plan for implementing the results in one's own department
  • Publications from the period spent abroad

Documents (electronic and printed)

Requirements if funded: