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TANDEM and Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the TANDEM mentoring program. Some events have had to be postponed until the fall, while others have been held remotely. For this reason, the mentoring year has been extended to December.




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Podcast on Gender in Medicine From the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Podcast on Gender in Medicine: What Makes Women Ill

Women in medicine are at a disadvantage; their pains and suffering go ignored. Research, teaching, and testing is for men. Journalist for the Süddeutsche Zeitung Mareike Nieberding is investigating why this can even be deadly for women in this podcast, only available in German.


The New TANDEM Career Portal

As of summer semester 2019, i.e. in April, the previous learning platform, L²P, was replaced by RWTHmoodle, the university-wide web-based teaching and learning platform.

This is also where you can find the career portal for all current and former mentees of the Faculty's TANDEM programs. You will be able to view the schedules, lists of participants, small group lists, various handouts, and documents of events, podcasts of the biography series, and much more.

In order to log in to RWTHmoodle you will need your TIM ID, a password, and an invitation in an email sent from the program managers.


Student Assistant
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Participation in CDS Events

A Good Opportunity for TANDEM-Participants:

All current TANDEMmed participants can now take advantage of the training opportunities offered by the RWTH Aachen Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS).

Further information can be found on the CDS website.