Program Layout


The program usually lasts three years.

The focus is on independent work in a research project. The idea of the proposed project is part of the application for the MD / PhD program. Throughout the project, the candidate is supported by a supervisory group that accompanies him for the duration of the entire program.

During the first two years, the program also includes theoretical training in the form of lectures, practical courses and soft skill courses. The workload per semester is four hours per week (SWS). The third year is free of theoretical training. In the course of this year, time is allotted to prepare for the final exam for which two publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as the actual thesis are required.

Halfway through the program the project will be re-evaluated. Furthermore, half of the lectures attended in the context of theoretical training (2 hours per week) will have to have earned satisfactory examination results. The course concludes with the actual PhD examination. Successful candidates will be awarded the title of Dr. rer. nat. by the faculty 1 or the title Dr. rer. medic by the faculty 10.