Every MD / PhD program participant is mentored by members of a support group.

This consists of the respective supervising Professor at the RWTH and two other professionally competent RWTH Professors, who have an intimate understanding of the theme of the project.

To gain the title Dr. rer. nat. the support group must be comprised of two members of the faculty 1. At least one of the supervisors to the dissertation must be a first member of the faculty 1 from the Department of Biology, another supervisor may be second member of the faculty1.

To gain the title Dr. rer. medic. the three members of the support group must be Professors of the Faculty 10.

In his application the participant proposes the exact composition of the group, the appointments are made by the MD / PhD Commission. If appropriate, the chairman of the MD / PhD Commission may, at his discretion, suggest a member of the support group.

The support group has the following tasks:

Support and individual expert advice to the MD / PhD program participants throughout the duration of the MD / PhD program, which includes putting together a perfectly tailored theoretical support program and the monitoring of compliance within the rules of good scientific practice of RWTH ;

Evaluate the participants during the program by way of an intermediate examination after 1.5 years as well as by the written final examination (PhD thesis).