Information About Preliminary Inquiries


A preliminary inquiry to request a review to see if the prerequisites have been fulfilled to be admitted to the Habilitation process must be submitted to the chair of the Habilitation board.

Six copies of each of the following documents must be submitted to the Dean's Office at least two weeks before the next Habilitation board meeting.

  1. A tabular resume, which particularly includes information about the individual's academic career and teaching
  2. Certificates of completed university exams, Staatsexamen, or similar exams
  3. Proof of work as described in Section 3 No. 2
  4. Doctoral certificate or proof of a foreign qualification equal to a doctoral degree and, if applicable, certificates of other completed exams
  5. Dissertation or the work forming the foundation of the foreign qualification as indicated in Item 4 above.
  6. A list of all academic publications and papers accepted for publication with speciment copies and, if the applicant wishes, a list of all acquired patents and patent registrations.
  7. A list of all acquired external funding (organized by funding body, including the IZKF and START).
  8. A list of courses signed by the subject representative, detailing the courses the applicant gave or contributed to during doctoral studies. In the latter case, the type and scale of the involvement must be provided.
  9. In clinical disciplines, the certificate of appontment or medical license certificate for doctors and dentists (see Section 3 No. 5).
  10. In clinical disciplines requiring residency, certificate confirming the applicant as a specialist or specialized dentist (see Section 3 No. 6).
  11. Six bound copies of the Habilitation paper in German or English
  12. An affadavit from the applicant, stating whether they have already attempted to acquire the Habilitation and what the results of these attempts were, including, if applicable, the time, the university, the faculty, and topic of the Habilitation paper
  13. An affadavit confirming that the applicant independently wrote the Habilitation paper and named all individuals who helped
  14. An affadavit from the applicant, stating the publications were not used by another applicant to acquire a title after the doctorate; any exceptions must be requested in accordance with the template and include an explanation of the applicant's independent contribution
  15. An affadavit confirming that the applicant has not been convicted of any crimes which legally exclude the possibility of civil servant status and that the applicants is not excluded by medical professional law from practicing medicine permanently
  16. An affadavit stating that the publication of the Habilitation paper does not violate any existing trade secrets of third parties
  17. A written statement confirming that the applicant was made aware of and adhered to the principles of ensuring good academic practice at RWTH Aachen.
  18. Three topic suggestions for the scientific presentation, which must be independent from the Habilitation paper and from each other
  19. A recommendation letter from the subject representative that they support the Habilitation
  20. A good conduct certificate of document type O issued by the Federal Central Criminal Register. Applicants are exempt from submitting the certificate of good conduct if they are employed at the RWTH Faculty of Medicine or University Hospital Aachen.

Certicates must be submitted in the original or as officially notarized copies. If requested, notarized translations must be submitted for certificates not in German or English.