7. Applying Early


7. Applying Early

7.1. What is an early application for admission to doctoral studies?

You can submit an early application for admission to doctoral studies, if you have not yet completed your studies.

7.2. What do I need to pay attention to if I submit my application early?

If you are submitting an application early, you must submit your admission to the PJ or certificate for the second component of the medical exam – M2neu, doctoral studies process for Dr. med. – or your certificate for completing the course Zahnheilkunde II – for doctoral studies processes to acquire Dr. med. dent., but not yet the certificate of good conduct.

if you have received your diploma for the completion of your studies, you must submit this to the Doctoral Studies Office and request a certificate of good conduct, Type O, from the Registration Office.

Once the Doctoral Studies Office has these documents it will inform the exam coordinator, who will then begin to organize the exam.