9. Mandatory Dissertation Copies


9. Mandatory Dissertation Copies

9.1. What do I need to know about submitting the deposit copies?

Your dissertation must be published no later than one year after your defense. You must submit a certain number of deposit copies (see Question 9.4. "What options do I have to submit my dissertation?") to the University Library and doctoral delegate.

Submit the following the doctoral delegate:

  • the required number of deposit copies
  • the receipt from the University Library (Exception: You mailed your deposit copies to the University Library.)
  • an envelope, in which we can send you your doctoral certificate
    You must provide us with a self-addressed DIN B4 envelope, in which we can send you the diploma. The envelope must also included a registered mail slip and include an already filled out registered mail card from Deutsche Post. The front of the registered mail card should have your address. The back of the card does not need to be filled out, as we will use our address stamp here. The envelope should not be stamped.

Presentation of the deposit copies:

  • The deposit copies must be permanently bound and printed double-sided on age-resistant, wood-free, acid free paper. They must also be technically flawless. You cannot use any paperclips or anything similar.
  • They do not need to be re-formated. You can simply minimize them from DIN A4 to DIN A5.
  • Please note that the cover page is different in the deposit copies (Template 9).
    On the cover page, list your reviewers the same way you wrote them in your application to begin the doctoral studies process. Be sure to keep the order the same. If the title of one of the reviewers change, update it. The chair is not named.
  • The cover of the dissertation must be printed with the title of the dissertation and the name of the author.

The following statements should be included at the end of the dissertation (some are option):

  • Acknowledgement
  • Statement on data storage – A printout is sufficient. It does not need to be the signed copy.
  • Affadavit on your own contribution – A printout is sufficient. It does not need to be the signed copy.
  • A resume (optional) should be the last printed page in the dissertation.

9.2. How do I get a receipt from the University Library?

If you bring your deposit copies to the library in person, you will be issued a receipt. Please submit this receipt with the remaining deposit copies to your respective doctoral delegate.

If you submit your deposit copies to the library via mail, the library will automatically send the receipt to the Doctoral Office.

9.3. How can I make corrections to my mandatory dissertation copies?

Errors, for example on the cover page, can be corrected using adhesive labels.

All corrections must also be made to the deposit copies submitted to the University Library.

If the binding is too poor, you must unfortunately have your copies reprinted.

The library and doctoral delegate will not make any corrections. You are responsible for making any necessary corrections. Once you have completed the corrections, you will receive a receipt from the library.

9.4. What options do I have to submit my dissertation?

Please select the option below that best applies to you.

You can find more detailed information in the guidelines.

  • Deposit copies as bound, printed copies
  • Deposit copies as an electronic dissertation
  • Deposit copies as a monography from the publisher
  • Deposit copies as a paper in a scientific journal

9.5. When can I have my deposit copies printed?

You can have the deposit copies printed after the oral examination if your examiners and the chair have no corrections. You will not receive separate permission from the Dean.

9.6. What format do my deposit copies need to be in?

The deposit copies must be printed as DIN A5.

9.7 What information needs to be printed on the spine?

The title of your dissertation and your name must be printed on the spine of the bound dissertation.

9.8. Which examiners do I name?

You must only name your examiner and co-examiner, not the chair. Both examiners are listed without their discipline. Please make sure to keep them in the correct order. When the doctoral studies process begins, the doctoral officer receives a personalized cover page as an aid. You can ask the officer for this to help you.