11. Corrections


11. Corrections

11.1. How can I make corrections to my application for admission to the doctoral studies process?

Errors, such as on the cover page, can be corrected and then submitted and included as a loose piece of paper.

Please note if you need to included any corrections in your dissertation, you must submit five copies of the correction and you must make sure to include the corrections on the CD OR appropriately marked as corrections must be emailed to .

Notice: The total size of the contents of the E-mail, e.g. attachment, must not exceed 20 MB.

By sending the files by E-mail you automatically agree to the processing of your data.

11.2. How can I make corrections to my mandatory dissertation copies?

Errors, for example on the cover page, can be corrected using adhesive labels.

If the binding is too poor, you must unfortunately have your copies reprinted.

The library and doctoral delegate will not make any corrections. You are responsible for making any necessary corrections. Once you have completed the corrections, you will receive a receipt from the library.