You must fulfill the following requirements before submitting an application for admission to doctoral studies:

  1. Submission of the application for the review of admission requirements for doctoral studies.
    (For further information: FAQ-12.)

    Applicants who studied aborad must contact the RWTH Aachen International Office with their original documents to receive an evaluation of their foreign education.

    Your doctoral supervisor must then conduct a test in theoretical medicine with you.
  2. After your application has been reviewed, you will receive a letter about the admissions requirements and any necessary requirements to be fulfilled.
  3. Completion of the supervision confirmation
  4. Alle doctoral candidates who did not take the course "Medical Terminology" during their studies, must take the course "Introduction to Medical Terminology."

    The course is held exclusively in the winter semester at the Institute of History, Theory, and Ethics of Medicine (GTE):  
    Register with the office: , phone: +49 241 80-88095

    ​The following information and documents are required to register:
    1. First name, last name, date of birth, place of birth
    2. Student ID number, if available
    3. Scan of the "supervision agreement in accordance with § 5 para. 6 of the Examination Regulations of the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine"
  5. "Academic Misconduct and Good Academic Practice" including the passed exam

Please also make note of the following:

  • If you are completing your doctoral studies at another university, there are some formalities you must take care of in advance.
  • If you have problems with your dissertation, you can find further information here.