Adjunct Process

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1. General

The Faculty is responsible for awarding adjunct professorships – see Section 2, Paragraph 1, Section 3 of the RWTH Aachen Regulation for Awarding Adjunct Professorships and Honorary Professorships from December 11, 2013.

If an adjunct professorship is awarded, the Faculty the reviews every five years whether the teaching requirements have been fulfilled. If not, the adjunct professorship can be revoked.

The bestowal of an adjunct professorship requires that the individual in question can provide proof of five years of consistent independent teaching activity amounting to 2 SWS. Independent teaching can generally begin at the time of Habilitation.

2. Time of Application

  • 5 years after Habilitation at the RWTH Faculty of Medicine
  • 5 years after completing specialist training
  • 1 year after the Umhabilitation at the RWTH Faculty of Medicine, if both of the other two conditions are fulfilled and the candidate has completed one year of teaching at the RWTH Faculty of Medicine

3. Application Prerequisites for Privatdozenten

  1. Doctorate with honors, either summa cum laude or magna cum laude; otherwise additional evaluations needed
  2. Academic performances after successful completion of the Habilitation:
  • At least 12 publications are required (original papers, reviews), that are listed in PubMed/ WoS, the candidate must be first author or last author on at least eight.
  • All work counts that has been published since the Habilitation was submitted.
  • The sum of the impact factors must be twelve times the median in the respective discipline of the last SCI or SSCI Journal Citation Report. First and last authorships are calculated with an impact factor of 1.0 and co-authorships with an impact factor of 0.5.
  • Six of the publications should show evidence of collaboration with an RWTH institution or the Faculty of Medicine for those candidates, who are not primarily employed at RWTH Aachen.
  • There must be evidence of consistent academic work and employment as well as a specific research focus.
  1. Teaching Performance after Habilitation:
  • Successful independent teaching totally at least 20 semester week hours, SWS for short, in the past five years; this corresponds to an average of 2 SWS per semester. At least one year of teaching must have been completed at RWTH Aachen.
  • Proof of continuous independent teaching with a record of all lessons and courses actually conducted independently
  1. Description of future teaching planned:
  • Submission of a plan approved by the subject representative and dean of studies, that provides evidence of how it will be integrated into future teaching, including the courses planned for the next semester. the plan should fulfill the following criteria:
    • Curricular integration into the Faculty of Medicine courses of study
    • Active contribution to and collaboration in the design, organization, and implementation of system blocks, interdisciplinary subjects, block internships, examination courses, qualification profiles, or practical year reviews –  independent organization and further development are particularly relevant
    • Planning approaches regarding potential career changes, particularly with regards to work in external clinics and practices
    • Recognizable preparedness to critically examine past courses to reflect on one's performance and make improvements

4. Necessary Documents

  • Letter of recommendation from the clinic/institute director supporting the process.
  • Letter to the dean
  • Tabular resume and CV
  • Record of papers including the impact factor and discipline; papers should be organized by time before and after the Habilitation
  • Doctoral certificate
  • Specialist certificate (Facharzturkunde)
  • Overview of successful independent teaching in the past years and confirmation from the responsible clinic or institute supervisor. You can request a template from , phone: 80446
  • Description of teaching including the courses planned for future semesters. Contact person in the Dean of Studies Office: , phone: 80341
  • Addtionally for external applicants: a certificate of good standing

5. Process Steps

  • Submission of documents listed under Point 4 to the Dean's Office
  • Documents reviewed by
    • the Dean's Office (successful independent teaching in the past, academic performance),
    • the Dean of Studies Office and student representative council (future teaching planned),
    • the Habilitation committee (academic performance)
      Note: This review can take up to one semester in some cases.
  • Habilitation committee reviews prerequisites for awarding the professorship. Should the committee's vote be positive, the final decision is confirmed by the Dean's Office
  • If the Habilitation committee's review is positive, the process is begun by the Faculty Council – introduced by the clinic supervisor, agreement and final decision by expert reviewers
  • Dean's Office collect external reviews and the student vote
  • If the external reviews are positive, the case is submitted to the Rector's Office for legal review
  • Final decision by the Faculty Council
  • Dean presents candidate with certificate