"Academic Misconduct and Good Academic Practice" Event

The QP event "Academic Misconduct and Good Academic Practice" (ME068) will take place from 12 noon to 5pm normally in Hörsaal 5, Universitätsklinikum.

The course in English takes place once a year around Pentecost (mostly in May).

Further dates (only 1 event necessary):
September 30, 2020 (german, digital)
February 10, 2021
May 26, 2021 (english)


Please read the following information:

The doctoral student statistics must be completed and submitted with all applications and also when requsting verifaction of whether the admission requirements are being met, unless if they have already been submitted with the supervision agreement.

  Doctorate student celebrates his defense Copyright: Thilo Vogel

The Faculty of Medicine has the authority to award doctoral degrees.

By completing a doctorate, candidates demonstrate their ability to perform original, independent research. As part of the doctorate, the candidate writes a dissertation which provides a distinct contribution to knowledge in the candidate's principal field of study. Moreover, he or she has to prove her expertise in an oral exam. The Faculty awards the doctoral degree upon successful completion of the doctoral studies process.

The degrees awarded by the faculty are doctor of medicine, Dr. med. for short, doctor of dentistry, Dr. med. dent. for short, and doctor of theoretical medicine or Dr. rer. medic.


Summa cum laude Magna cum laude Cum laude Rite

Dr. med.





Dr. med. dent.





Dr. rer. medic.





Overview of grades from the Faculty of Medicine 10 (2016)

The entire process leading to a doctorate is defined in the doctoral regulations. On November 7, 2017, the 6th amended version of the doctoral regulations dated January 8, 2008, came into effect. The fifth amendment to the doctoral regulations took effect February 16, 2016.

The Doctoral Board of the Faculty of Medicine is responsible for ensuring that standard procedures required for the doctorate degree are correctly carried out.

If you have any questions concerning doctoral studies, please get in touch with our staff at the Doctoral Office.