Responsibilities and Structures


The Dean's Office is responsible for the following:

  • Establishing of policies for distributing and using the State's grant for basic equipment and the teaching and research fund;
  • Making a decision about the distribution of the positions, rooms, and funds reserved for research and teaching in the Faculty of Medicine;
  • Making a decision about filling academic civil servant positions and permanent positions in academic service in agreement with the chair of the UKA;
  • Cultivating international relationships and research funding;
  • Making a decision regarding goal arrangements with the Rectorate or the responsible ministry in the State of NRW;
  • Creating a strategy and development plan for the Faculty of Medicine in after consultation with the Faculty Council;
  • Conducting the evaluation in accordance with § 7 HG within the framework of the valid RWTH Aachen Evaluation Regulation;
  • Ensuring the completeness of the course offers, adherence to teaching obligations, and the organization of studies and exams; the Dean's Office provides the necessary instructions;
  • Encouraging office-holders, councils, and institutions of the Faculty of Medicine to fulfill their responsibilities;
  • Encouraging all members of the Faculty fo Medicine to fulfill their obligations;
  • Creating drafts of study and exam regulations with the involvement of students