Structure Committee


The Structure Committee supports and advises the Dean's Office, the dean, and Faculty Council on

  • the creation of a development plan for the Faculty of Medicine
  • the development of new structural concepts for the Faculty
  • resolutions about outfitting new or existing professorships
  • changes to the Faculty regulation
  • the finalization of target agreements with RWTH and the MSWF
  • the composition of a statement on the coooperation agreement between University Hospital Aachen and RWTH (§ 13 of the Verordnung über die Errichtung des Klinikums Aachen der Technischen Hochschule Aachen).

The Structure Committee consists of four representatives from the Group of University Professors, two representatives from Group of Academic Staff, and two representatives from the Group of Students, including an equal number of deputy representatives.

The vice-dean for structure and development is chair of the Structure Committee and does not have any voting power.