Organizational Structure of the Faculty


The Organigram of the Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University


The medical departments form the Faculty of Medicine in accordance with the Rector's Office bylaws.

The faculty also consists of the Dean's Office and the Faculty Council. Different permanent faculty committees advise both of these bodies and help prepare formal decisions in the Dean's Office and Faculty Council.


The faculty is responsible for organizing and conducting research and teaching. The Faculty of Medicine is also responsible for patient care in a university hospital. Aachen University Hospital or UKA has been a public-law institution with its own legal personality since 2001. In accordance with the State of NRW's Hochschulmedizingesetz, the faculty fulfills its responsibilities in close collaboration with the University Hospital. Simultaneously, the University Hospital assists the faculty with its work in research and teaching.

Faculty and UKA

The collaboration between the faculty, which is part of the university, and the legally independent UKA, takes place through a so-called collaborative model. There are separate executive committees (the Dean's Office in the Faculty and the board for the UKA). Collaboration is ensured in that the dean is a member of the board, and the medical and executive directors of the hospital are members of the Dean's Office.