Schematic illustration - JARA BRAIN brain research in collaboration with FZ Jülich Copyright: © Benjamin Bock JARA BRAIN: brain research in collaboration with FZ Jülich

The Faculty of Medicine's departments and institutes maintain a number of collaborations with research institutions in Germany and abroad. Particularly important collaborations include the strategic partnership with Forschungszentrum Jülich, FZ Jülich, and akademisch zuikenhuis Maastricht, azM.

RWTH and FZ Jülich initiated the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance or JARA within the framework of the Federal and State Excellence Initiative. This alliance between a university and non-university research institution offers researchers an excellent environment, through which research opportunities are created and projects are realized, which wouldn't be open to the individual partners alone. The Faculty of Medicine is first and foremost involved in the JARA-BRAIN research area, which focuses on brain research.

The akademisch zuikenhuis Maastricht, azM for short, is the closest place with a university hospital and a faculty of medicine. It is thus beneficial to maintain particularly close contact with it.

The collaboration, which began in the nineties, first took place in the field of university healthcare and clinical research. In the meantime, there have been a series of clinical professorships active at both places, include in vessel surgery and nuclear medicine. There have been a series of collaborations at the department and institute level in reearch as well as a DFG international graduate school on the topic "Arterial Remodelling" or EuCAR for short.