Dean's Office

The Dean's Office is the governing body of the faculty.

In accordance the NRW Higher Education Act, it is responsible for all matters and decisions in the faculty, for which no other committee is expressly responsible.

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Organizational Structure of the Faculty

The medical departments form the Faculty of Medicine in accordance with the Rector's Office bylaws. The faculty also consists of the Dean's Office and the Faculty Council. 

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Faculty Council

The faculty consists of the Dean's Office and the Faculty Council. 

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Elders' Council

The Elders' Council is responsible for advising the dean in all cases when the Faculty Council cannot be consulted in the necessary time frame, for supporting preparations for Faculty Council meetings, and for mediating in cases of conflict.

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The Faculty Council established serveral committees to advise on and prepare decisions from the Dean's Office and Faculty Council.

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Independent Ethics Committee

the medical Ethics Committee is responsible for ethically and legally evaluating research projects on humans, that are to be conducted at the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine or one its institutions, and advising the researchers responsible for these projects.

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Institutes and Departments

The Faculty of Medicine has 59 institutes and departments.

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