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Coordination Office Team

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Dr. phil. Henrike Wolf - Head of Mentoring

Henrike Wolf completed her doctoral studies in sociology. After her training in physical therapy and gymnastics in Coburg, she studied sociology, pedagogy, and political science at RWTH Aachen and the University of Cologne. She worked as an academic employee from 1996 to 2005 in various empirical, application-oriented projects in the fields of educational and environmental sociology, political sociology, and gender researcher at RWTH Aachen. In 2004, she completed her doctoral studies on the topic "Partizipation und Lokale Agenda 21."

She has been reponsible for coordinating the mentoring program in the Dean's Office of the RWTH Faculty of Medicine since the end of 2005.

She has been the deputy chair of Forum Mentoring e.V. , the federal association for mentoring in science, from 2011 to 2017.