Clinician Scientist Program


The Faculty of Medicine's Clinician Scientist Program gives doctors the space and time to do research during their residency, offering them the possibility to conduct further scientific work and complete a habilitation.


Application Deadline

for all funding lines:
June 1, 2024



Following the redesign of the Clinician Scientist funding program, the Junior and Senior funding lines will be available to clinicians from the next round of calls for proposals.

Both funding lines combine clinical and research activities related to career planning at the University and are supplemented by mentoring offers and an accompanying curriculum. Applicants are aiming to complete both their specialization and habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) and can already present a promising career path concept at the time of application, which has been developed together with the head of the clinic.

Both funding lines require a position of at least half the job scope, a doctorate, a project idea, and in the Senior funding line, an original paper as a first (top-25-percent-journal) and one as a co-author. Further information on the requirements can be found in the statutes, the application documents will also be available in the download area.

  • The Junior funding line offers leave of 50 percent of the current number of hours for in-house research over a period of 12 months.
  • The Senior funding line offers a 0 percent of the current number of hours for in-house research over a period of 36 months, with one year should be fully dedicated to research in order to enable recognition by the ENT. Research absolutely has to take place outside the own clinic, but within the hospital.

If you are interested in a research stay at an institution outside Aachen, the rotation program funding instrument may be considered.

The Research Commission will invite particularly promising candidates to a selection interview after reviewing the application documents.

Applications for START funding are possible for the Clinician Scientist Program, but must be submitted independently. Approval of one of the two funding instruments does not automatically result in approval of the other.


Clinician Scientist – Note

The Research Dean's Office will be happy to offer you advice and support by phone or email. Please find out about the requirements in the documents we have made available to you beforehand. If you have any questions regarding key parameters, requirements, or exclusion criteria, please contact us.

If you have decided to apply for a position as a Junior or Senior Clinician Scientist, we will be happy to help you prepare your application documents.