obligatory course „Good scientific practice“

The obligatory course „Good scientific practice“ will be offered by the Centre for Doctoral Studies (CDS). 


Date event place
Wednesday, 21st of April, 2021, 15:30 lecture Prof. Fredrik Bäckhed "gut microbiota and type 2 diabetes" (Gothenburg University) via ZOOM
Wednesday, 02nd of June, 2021, 15:30 lecture Prof. Gad Frankel "Deconstructing a type III secretion system effector network unravels the inherent robustness and plasticity in pathogenesis and immunity" (Imperial College London) via ZOOM
Wednesday, 16th of June 2021, 15:30 lecture Dr. Ziad Al Nabhouni "Impact of weaning-microbiota interplay on lifelong immunity" (University of Bern) via ZOOM