Segment: Cardio Renal Graduate School


The Biomedical graduate school, segment CardioRenal represents an integration of several training programs already established at the Medical Faculty and University Hospital, RWTH Aachen which have all in common to focus on research about cardiovascular and renal disease.

The CardioRenal GS will create an interdisciplinary training program to guide the PhD and MD students to become the next generation of innovative, independent and translational cross-disciplinary researchers exploiting multiple facets of cardiovascular disease, CVD, and chronic kidney disease, CKD.

One major focus of this GS is to improve research interactions and fill existent communication gaps between investigators working in the field of CVD and CKD, including clinicians and basic researchers, with the aim of maximizing the quality, clinical relevance and successful accomplishment of the individual research projects. Bringing interdisciplinary parties together in a well-coordinated educational program with already planned research collaborations will accomplish this goal.




  • Weekly journal club
  • Weekly Online-Seminar
  • Regular Cardiorenal Seminar Series
  • Regular workshops and experimental training
  • Yearly Summer School
  • and more


Marieke Sternkopf, Msc

Student representative