Report of Third-Party funding


As of May 24, 2022 a Report of Third-Party funding must be filled out for most third-party funding applications from the Faculty of Medicine.

This serves on the one hand to improve the reporting, on the other hand it is needed to determine whether and to what extent the third-party funder provides an overhead grant. If this is not the case or only to an insufficient extent – below 20 percent, a decision must be made at a higher level as to whether the application may be submitted.

Für notification please use the Online Reporting Form Third-Party Funding.

If you have any questions, please contact .

You can find out if and when the third-party funding notification has to be filled out in the following list:


Time of Report of Third-Party Funding

DFG – collaborative projects

Prior to application

BMBF, MKW & national funding

Prior to application (note Project outlines)

EU & international funding

Prior to application

Associations, foundations, industry and others

Prior to application or signing of contract

DFG – Individual research Grants (“Sachbeihilfe”) scholarships

After approval, before creation of third-party account (Fonds)

Project outlines – for two-stage procedures

No Report of Third-Party Funding required

Sponsoring and consulting contracts

No Report of Third-Party Funding required