Guideline and Booking


Available time slots for cell sorting with BD FACS Aria II and BD FACS Aria Fusion can be viewed in our online schedule. Appointments have to be fixed by either phone at +49 241 80 37654 or

Measurement times for cell analysis on the BD FACS Canto II and Cytek Aurora must be reserved independently by adding them in the corresponding Outlook calendar. This is only possible for internal users. External users and RWTH students can only view these calendars and must book appointments by telephone or e-mail via the FCF.

The availability of all devices and reagents as well as price information can be requested from the FCF staff.

The Flow Cytometry Facility laboratory space is located on level 5, corridor 01 in room 01, accessible via lift B1. The FCF is usually staffed on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For further details and the use of the Flow Cytometry Facility, please read our rules and regulations.