Genomics Facility

The facility’s confined laboratory is adapted to also working with nucleic acids available either in limited quantity and / or degraded quality.

Procedures and infrastructure are in place to prevent any risk of contamination by nucleic acids of exogenous origin.

NGS equipment

The NextSeq500 from Illumina is capable of performing runs from 130 to 400 reads/run (single-end or paired-end sequencing). Its high data quality provides a reliable source for whole-genome, transcriptome, and other sequencing projects.


  • RECT Rack Server RS-8685MR8 (Coreto)
  • RECT Storage ST-38R24-D (Coreto)
  • RECT Rack Server RS-8634R8 (Coreto)

DNA & RNA isolation

  • Maxwell RSC (Promega)

Quantification of DNA & RNA

  • Nanodrop ND-1000 (Thermo Scientific)
  • Quantus (Promega)

Fragmentation of DNA & RNA

  • Covaris M220

Quality Control of DNA, RNA & Protein

  • Tape Station 4200 (Agilent)
  • Bioanalyser (Agilent)

PCR Amplification

  • 7300 Real Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems)
  • Gene Amp PCR 9700 (Applied Biosystems)
  • PTC-200 (Pelletier Thermal Cycler, MJ Research)