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What services do we offer?

  • Pre-experimental consulting
    • Sample generation, experimental conditions, biochemical prerequisites
  • Sample preparation
    • Lysis of cells, tissues, organs
    • 1D SDS-PAGE
    • Proteolytic digestion of the sample using specific proteases (Trypsin, LysC, GluC, etc.)
    • Peptide fractionation (reversed phase, ion exchange, and affinity chromatography), enrichment of phosphopeptides (pSer, pThr and pTyr) using TiO2/Ti-IMAC or antibodies
    • Mass spectrometry analysis (qualitative and quantitative – SILAC, iTRAQ, `dimethyl, label free) from single proteins up to highly complex protein/peptide mixtures (cell lysates, immunoprecipitated complexes), analysis of post-translationally modified peptides
    • Data analysis (peptide/protein identification and quantification)
  • Data interpretation and advice on follow-up experiments