Immunohistochemistry Facility

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Histological studies are used in many fields such as research, diagnosis, and education, to visualize the molecular and structural components of tissues and cells and to detect structural integrity or alterations of the integrity in diseased tissue.



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To prepare tissue samples for microscopic study a series of technical process is necessary which involves fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning and staining. The staining result is not only dependent on the chemical composition of the tissue but also on proper fixation and processing of tissue.

Besides classical histological staining, immunohistological staining is widely used in diagnosis and basic research to characterize cells and tissues. The use of antibodies can give information about the presence of certain cell types in a tissue section. Furthermore, specific antibodies are used to identify proliferating or apoptotic cells and to reveal the expression and localization of proteins such as transcription factors, receptors and signal molecules.