Core Facilities


Technologies, Equipment and Expertise for Ambitious Research Goals

The Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) provides valuable resources for a cost effective and high-quality research environment by operating.

Multiple technologies and state-of-the-art equipment are available for all researchers of the Faculty of Medicine. Experienced technology experts provide services at any stage of the research process, including experimental design, method development, sample work-up and data interpretation on a partial cost recovery basis.

Brain Imaging Facility , +49 241 80 37438
Confocal Microscopy Facility , +49 241 80 88860
Flow Cytometry Facility , +49 241 80 85786
Genomics Facility , +49 241 80 89684
Immunohistochemistry Facility Tappe, +49 241 80 80265
Proteomics Facility , +49 241 80 37451
Transgenic Facility , +49 241 80 36510
Two-Photon Imaging Facility , +49 241 80 37360


Karen De Bruyne


Karen De Bruyne

IZKF Coordinating Executive Officer


+49 241 80-80034



The IZKF Core Laboratory (3rd Floor, Hall 43, between Halls D and C) holds not only the GenomicsFacility, Immunohistochemistry Facility, and the Proteomics Facility. Various equipment is also kept here that is not assigned to a specific Core Facility. This equipment, like the Core Facilities, are available for use by all members of the Faculty of Medicine upon requent.

Please contact the Administrative Office if you are interested in access to the Core Laboratory: Tel. +49 241 80-80034.