Organ Crosstalk


An increasing number of diseases are being identified as multiorgan diseases. The interaction between organ systems plays a decisive role in the pathophysiology of various disease patterns in complex organisms. The Organ Crosstalk focus examines the interaction between different organs.

The joint observation of two organ systems has already been successful in SFB TRR 57 (liver/kidney) and in SFB TRR 219 (kidney/heart) and in the proposed SFB 1382 (liver/intestine).

All of these research projects aim to supplement traditional organ-centered models with an observation of the interactions between different organ systems.

The following play a central role in this objective:

  • identification of new mediators using pre-clinical and clinical approaches
  • identification of mechanisms, which cause the effects of these mediators
  • translational transfer and validation of new biomarkers and therapy strategies to patients using suitable clinical study strategies.