The Faculty of Medicine's research focuses

The interdisciplinary and scientifically-founded description, analysis, understanding, and design of complex systems will be the central and unifying elements of research at RWTH Aachen in the future.

For this reason, the Faculty of Medicine has further developed its existing focuses so that these aspects can increasingly play a role in medical problems and new diagnostic and therapeutic options can result from a more comprehensive understanding:

  • The focus Organ Crosstalk looks at interaction between organs their self-regulation within clinically relevant problems.
  • Phase Transition in Disease investigates the paths of diseases and the origin of new stable conditions in complex systems.
  • The focus Translational Neurosciences examines emerging phenomena such as neuronal plasticity using computational neurosciences, emotion and cognition, and sensory and motor functions. However it also looks at the regulation of psychotic and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • All three focuses either use our Faculty's focus Medical Technology & Digital Life Sciences as a foundation or are in some way linked to this topic.