Faculty Funding Program


Deadlines for Submitting Proposals

Complete project proposals can be submitted by

March 30 and September 30

of each year. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the following Monday is the submission deadline.

Projects are always applied for for the following semestert! (e.g. March 30 deadline - funding for the upcoming winter semester)

In the event of a subsequent or repeat proposal please include the project number of the previous proposal.



Sandra Sudmann

Speaker for Quality of Teaching


+49 241 80 80341





Annika Martens

Speaker for Administrative Affairs


+49 241 80 88875



Submitting an Application

Generally only proposals from departments, institutes, or other insitutions are funded, that are an administrative part of the Faculty of Medicine.

A committee of reviewers is responsible for selecting projects to be funded. The council's nomination is presented at the Dean of Studies Office meeting.

The following criteria form the foundation of the evaluation:

1. Illustration of the particular details and/or innovative character of the concept (practically relevant, interdisicplinary lessons, new forms of teaching and learning, connection between theory and clinical)

2. Probability of success and feasibility of the project work plan

3.Need and feasibility pf the project as well as the ability to integrate it and transfer it into the curriculum

4. Ability to be transferred to other subsections of human medicine and dentistry

5. Collaboration with or cooperation from students

6. Necessity of the evaluation concept

Report and Publications

After the project has ended a report must be submitted to the Dean of Studies. Publications, that resulted from the planning and implementation of the project, should be sent to the Dean of Studies without being asked.


What is funded?

The following goals should be taken into consideration during the conception of new projects:

  • Strengthening the pratical and patient relevance in student training under the consideration of Aachen conditions
  • Support of interdisciplinary teaching services, that orient themselves towards the illustration of relationships and/or disease patters. When possible, these should involve a connection between theoretical fundamentals and clinical aspects
  • Promotion of active learning behavior and guidance for independently solving clinical cases, e.g. within the framework of case/problem-oriented learning groups.
  • Re-design of existing teaching offers to continuously improve the quality of teaching
  • Working out teaching concepts that integrate modern media into their structure (Please contact the AVMZ or AG elearning before submitting the proposal)
  • Acquisition of particular knowledge and abilities in small groups in more important medical fields, whose facilitation is either too weak or not considered in the regular curriculum
  • Promotion of the didactic training for lecturers and assistants